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Mithridates the Great
Rome's Indomitable Enemy

Publisher: Pen & Sword (November 2008)

Across Asia Minor and Greece with fire and sword in the company of Mithridates VI (the great) of Pontus. This book focuses primarily on the military history of the Mithridatic wars, and on the indomitable character of their leading figure - the violent, ruthless, Machiavellian yet charismatic Mithridates. However, Roman opponents - who were generally just as violent and unscrupulous - are given space as well, along with a host of minor characters including adulterous and scheming wives, pirates, and foreign kings. With major battles, epic sieges and world-class political skulduggery, the story of Mithridates reads like a Hollywood epic, but it happens also to be a true story of stubborn resistance to Roman expansionism in the last days of the republic.

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