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Back to work ...

Back home after a busy week running around the south-east of England. I had some useful discussions over a vegetable samoosa or two in Cambridge about the eLearning courses I'll be teaching at the end of the year, then meetings with various publishers in London. Also had a chance to meet up with some fellow writers and prowl the British Museum looking for material to illustrate my latest projects.
I picked up a little Asus eee 900 in Tottenham Court Road whilst in the area, and then spent much of the next few days getting a it full Linux interface instead of the rather PDA-like setup it came with. It's a really cute little machine and I was able to do some work even whilst waiting for my plane at Stanstead. But less than two hours of battery life when I was just writing text? Come on, Asus!
So I'm now looking at the Late Republic and Roman armour for two different proposals I hope to be making in the near future - if anything comes of these, I'll let you know.

PS Just heard from Pen & Sword - Mithridates is due out in November this year. They are sending the cover pic, which I'll post when I get it.
Website is go!

After finding it somewhat unsatisfactory corresponding with people about my books through letters sent via publishers and emails over the internet, I've decided to bite the bullet and get a proper website set up. This is where I'll present my various books, describe why each came to be written, and field comments and questions from the general public about them.

So, welcome to! It's going to be interesting having somewhere I can meet enthusiasts of ancient history and discuss ideas with them. Many years ago, my enthusiasm for the ancient world could only be slaked by visits to the city library and correspondence with a few far-flung individuals. Is it not amazing what the 21st Century internet has done for enthusiasts of a world that has been gone for thousands of years?

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