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Chronicle of the Roman Republic
Chronicle of the Roman Republic
The Rulers of Ancient Rome
from Romulus to Augustus

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (June, 2003)

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The Chronicle of the Roman Republic describes 57 of the foremost Romans of the Republic, spanning the centuries from its birth to its bloody death. In this history we see the best and worst of the Roman élite. Some, such as Tarquin the Proud, Julius Caesar and Pompey, are well known. Others are less familiar - men like Licinius Crassus, a kind father and loving husband, who crucified captured slaves in their thousands; or Cato the Censor, upright and incorruptible, but a xenophobic woman-hater.

Illustrating their lives with a wealth of pictorial and archaeological detail, together with anecdotes from Roman authors, such as Polybius, Livy and Cicero, these biographies build up an overview of the development and expansion of Rome, encompassing foreign and civil wars as well as social strife and key legislation. Informative and accessible, the biographies are supplemented by timelines and datafiles as well as special features highlighting aspects of Roman culture and society.

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