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A Walk Through Ancient Rome
A Walk Through Ancient Rome
A Guide to the Landmarks that Shaped the City's History

Michael O'Mara (11 April 2024)

In this expert guide to the ancient city, Dr Philip Matyszak takes us on a tour of ancient Rome’s most fascinating and important sites and locations, revealing the secrets of the beating heart of the Roman Kingdom, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

Rome itself was never grander or more magnificent than just before it fell, so be transported back in time to the empire’s twilight years at the end of the 4th century ad, with almost a thousand years of Roman history to explore. Each chapter focuses on one of Rome’s districts, with maps throughout and explanations of how the same routes would look today.

Put yourself in the sandals of a Roman pedestrian and take a walk along the Via Appia, through the Capuan Gate and past all the wonders inside the walls of ancient Rome, from tombs and temples to sewers and shrines, the grand gardens and the humble street markets, from Nero’s Golden House to the slums where Julius Caesar grew up. Walk alongside the ghosts of Trajan, Nero and Cicero; stand where they stood and see what they saw.