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The Greek and Roman Myths
The Greek and Roman Myths: A Guide to the Classical Stories

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (31 August 2010)

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Everything you never learned about the Greek myths at school. This book not only talks you through things like the difference between a nymph and a neriad, but weaves the technical stuff into a fascinating set of interlinked tales of incest, cannibalism and murder most foul. In this book we meet the great heroes of Greek myth and follow their sometimes morally questionable adventures. But there is more the book than that. We also look at the afterlife of the gods in great works of western art, and find characters of Greek myth popping up in unexpected places such as Hermes scarves, Titan rockets and the sci-fi planet Pandora.

The Greek myths are a vital part of western culture, and these stories not only help us to understand how the Greeks and Romans saw the world, they also tell us much about the world and society we live in today.

'The Greek and Roman Myths crafts the first truly effective linear examination of the rise of the Greek and Roman pantheons that I've ever encountered.
What a treat.'

Glenn Dallas, San Francisco Book Review

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