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The Roman Empire
The Roman Empire
(Beginner's Guides)

Publisher: Oneworld Publications (3 April 2014)

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No political entity has had such a dramatic effect on modern day Europe than the Roman Empire. Encompassing close to 60 million people and over 2,750,000 km2 of land, it represented an incredibly diverse and dynamic collection of nations, states and tribes, all bound to Rome and the ideal of the Roman identity.

Taking a uniquely long view of events, acclaimed historian Philip Matyszak brings the period to life - from the fall of the Assyrian Empire and the rise of Rome under King Tarquin, to the growth of the Byzantine empire, and the capture of Constantinople. This incisive introduction offers new insight into the formation and demise of the Roman Empire and its legacy that lives on in the social, political and economic foundations of the modern world.

"Remarkably wide-ranging, accessible and well-informed. A must for all students of the Roman world."

Mark Bradley - Associate Professor of Ancient History, University of Nottingham

"A brilliant introduction to the Romans - informative and entertaining."

Roy and Lesley Adkins - authors of 'Handbook to life in ancient Rome'

"Well-crafted. Scholarly while managing to retain easy accessibility to the general reader."

Ian Hughes - Late Roman historian and author of 'Belisarius: the Last Roman General'

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