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Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day
Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day
Your guide to Sport, Sightseeing & Shopping in Rome,
the City of the Caesars.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (June, 2007)

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Welcome to Rome, city of the Caesars!

      This carefully researched guide contains everything the modern tourist needs for a journey across time to Rome in 200AD. You need pack only your imagination and a toothbrush - this guide will do the rest, taking you through the best places to stay and shop, what to do and what to avoid.
      Starting with how to arrange your sea journey to Italy, the guide describes the road to Rome, the famous seven hills of the city and what to see on each. You will learn what to take to a posh dinner party (A dining robe, your own napkin, and indoor shoes), and where to find the best markets, public baths and brothels.
      Find out where to see the chariot races and where to sit while gladiators battle to the death in the colosseum. The largest and most populous city in the ancient world has a hundred spectacles and and more to offer. A series of walks takes you through all the sights of the eternal city, from the opulence of the imperial palace on the Palatine hill, through the bustle of the forum to the granduer of temples such as the Pantheon and the temple of Capitoline Jupiter.
      This fresh and accessible guide to the ancient city of Rome will appeal to specialist and casual readers alike.

'Matyszak imparts so much information so imaginatively that it would be a great thing if his success inspires an entire Thames & Hudson series on similar lines'

The Observer Review

'Learning about real life in ancient Rome has never been so entertaining ... so beautifully illustrated and so quirkily written that it ought to be on a bestseller list'

The Glasgow Herald

'... brings the ancient city back to life'

The Mail on Sunday

'Performs the functions of all the best guides: it packs in a vast amount of easily retrieved information and gives a vivid picture of the destination ... an excellent introduction to Roman life'

The Times Literary Supplement

'Ancient sociology was never more palatable'

The Spectator

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