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Ancient Athens on Five Drachmas a Day
Ancient Athens on Five Drachmas a Day
Where to eat, drink and meet a philosopher
your guide to the cradle of Western culture.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (September, 2008)

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Welcome to Ancient Athens!

  This witty guide - a companion to the same author's bestselling Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day - provides all the information a tourist needs for a journey to ancient Athens in the 5th century BC.
  Travel via Thermopylae, the Oracle at Delphi and the site of the recent epic battle of Marathon to the city of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Learn what to see and where to go, what to eat and what to avoid in the city of Perikles.
  Meet Socrates, Thucydides and Phidias, and others among the greatest philosophers, writers and artists who ever lived. Encounter ordinary Athenians in the marketplace, in the assembly and on their country farms, and learn the true character of one of the most extraordinary cities of any age.
  Ancient Athens was not all art, intellect and politics. This well-researched yet irreverently unacademic handbook also plunges into the fun side of Athenian life, with wine-sodden symposiums, brothels and brawls, advising the reader to avoid inns where the beds are infested with bugs (and prostitutes) and warning that torches and an escort are needed to avoid muggers after an evening on the town.

'Clever, worldly and instructive....His unorthodox approach also sharpens our sense that the present, too, will soon be history.'

The New York Times

'an invaluable encounter with the Athenians'

The Telegraph

'bright and breezy with a good sense of fun'

Times Higher Education Supplement

'vividly imagined, well-informed descriptions of the city's daily life'

The Guardian

'Ancient Athens achieves that elusive balance of being both well researched and extremely funny.'

The Sunday Times

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