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Legionary: The Roman Soldier's (Unofficial) Manual

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (27 April 2009)

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The Roman army of AD 100. What was life like in the finest fighting force of antiquity? This book vividly takes you through a career in the legions from how to sign up, where you might serve and what sort of pension plan to expect. Every aspect of army life is covered from hand-to-hand combat to training regimes, choosing boots and stopping your armour from going rusty.

Drawing from the actual experiences of those who served with the legions and those who fought against them as well as from the latest research and academic study, this short, carefully researched yet irreverently unacademic book brings to life how it might have been to have served under the imperial eagles.

'chatty, fact-packed, well-illustrated'

Peter Jones, Sunday Telegraph

'A fascinating little handbook of serious scholarship and irrepressible wit.'

Boston Globe

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