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Classical Compendium
Philip Matyszak's Classical Compendium

Publisher: Thames & Hudson (21 September 2009)

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Which Roman general rode a horse which had toes instead of hooves? Which Greek philosopher died laughing? Did any Romans live to be over 100? The answers are just a few of the interesting, odd or frankly bizarre stories collected in the classical compendium; a collection of quotes, facts and anecdotes from the worlds of ancient Greece and Rome.

The Greeks and Romans loved a good joke, an odd fact or occasional tall story, and indeed, loved them so much that they collected many of them into volumes which have survived to the present day. This book is in many ways a 'best of' collection culled from writers such as Plutarch, Xenophon and Frontinus. There are military misadventures, strange beasts, and quips from the likes of Augustus and Socrates.

This is an ideal book to dip into at random, or read from cover-to-cover. Giving a fascinating insight into what amused and intrigued the ancient Greeks and Romans, many of the stories and jokes are as fresh and appealing as when they were first told around dinner tables thousands of years ago.

Whether cited at dinner parties or in the classroom, this little book does indeed enlighten and entertain

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